Fake watches – including G-Shock – intercepted in San Juan

Customs officers at San Juan in the US have seized around a thousand luxury and designer watches – including knock-offs of Casio’s G-Shock range – in a commercial shipment.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) San Juan Field Operations intercepted the shipment in transit from the Dominican Republic, and estimates that manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the seized products would be more than $420,000 had the goods been genuine.

“Fake watches do not have the quality of the genuine product,” said Leida Colon, assistant director of field operations for trade at the San Juan Field Office. “These watches are made with substandard materials that do not withstand the toils of daily use.”

The majority of the counterfeits seized in San Juan are illegitimate goods in the jewellery, footwear, clothing and prescription drugs product categories, coming mainly from China and Hong Kong, according to CBP.

During this summer, the San Juan unit has also seized fake designer pendants, 560 fake Apple Airpods, jewellery and watches, and 844 counterfeit alloy wheels.

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