CBP seizes $5.5m of Fake Gucci, Facebook, Instagram sleepwear

US Customs and Border Protection officers have seized 16,340 counterfeit Gucci, Facebook and Instagram women's sleeping dresses that if genuine would be worth upwards of $5.5m.

Agents working at Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport intercepted the products on June 12, after they arrived from China in a shipment containing 329 bales of clothing. 189 of those bales contained counterfeit products hidden between generic versions of the sleeping dresses in “a clear smuggling attempt,” said CBP in a statement.

“Counterfeit sleeping garments may not comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sleepwear flammability standards [and] consumers should be aware that the money they pay for a counterfeit product often funds criminal enterprises,” added the agency.

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