$207k in fake Nike, Adidas shoes seized at LAX

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Los Angeles seized 1,755 pairs of counterfeit shoes arriving via express air cargo from Hong Kong.

The shipment was seized at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) cargo operations, and included 597 pairs of counterfeit Nike Air Force One shoes and 918 pairs of other counterfeit Nike shoes, as well as 48 pairs of Adidas Mickey Edition shoes and 192 pairs of other counterfeit Adidas shoes.

If genuine, the seized merchandise would have had an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $207,000, said CBP in a statement. The goods were found during a routine check on a shipment of 22 boxes that arrived on July 3. In an attempt to evade detection, smugglers falsely manifested the shipment as “plastic ornament.”

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