Chinese police raid suspected fake golf gear suppliers

golfing imageChinese authorities have raided two facilities alleged to supply counterfeit golf products ranging from clubs to shafts and bags.

The raids followed collaborative investigations with the US Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group. An assembly plant and the home of the alleged ringleaders, which also doubled as a warehouse, were hit in the raids.

"With each success, we are becoming more sophisticated and tactical in collaborating with authorities in the pursuit of finding and shutting down counterfeiters," said Joe Nauman, executive vice president for corporate and legal at golf brand Acushnet Company.

The alleged ringleaders, a husband and wife team, plus three employees were held by police after the raids. Last year the golf trade group worked with Chinese authorities on the arrests of 30 suspected counterfeiters.

More than 500,000 fake products were seized at raids on the 14 sites that led to the 30 arrests last year. The trade group described 2012 as its most productive year in tackling counterfeits.

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