Baltimore City music store raid nets fake CDs

DVDsMore than 2,000 counterfeit CDs have been seized by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Baltimore City after a raid on a music store.

The operation at Azteca Music - carried out earlier this month - revealed that the seized items were packaged to appear genuine and were sold at the same price point as legitimate goods. According to an ICE statement, such high quality counterfeit items suggest they were likely made using commercial grade equipment.

"It's a common assumption that counterfeit items, like movies and CDs, are only a problem for trademark owners, senior executives and corporations, when the reality is that the general public and consumers are also substantially impacted," said HSI Baltimore Special Agent in Charge Andre Watson.

"Investigations into the importation or distribution of counterfeit goods often reveal links to transnational criminal organizations involved in a wide range of criminal activity that poses a threat to public safety and our economy," he added.

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