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Blue Sphere Health Blue Sphere Health Ltd
Charter House 62-64 Hills Road,
CB2 1LA,
Tel: +44 798 4455333

Company Overview

Blue Sphere Health Ltd was founded by Mark Davison, an experienced consultant, speaker and author with over twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We operate internationally using a network of associates with top-level expertise in one or more specialist fields.

The company focuses on four key areas:

Corporate Strategy

How do start-ups and mid-size healthcare and pharmaceutical companies overcome the operational and financial challenges which they face? We provide strategic insight in a number of technical and commercial fields, helping businesses to grow and prosper.

Business Development

How do companies move from strategy to tactics? Generating commercial traction is notoriously hard for small start-ups, who are often more comfortable with product development than selling. We provide the skills to fill the gap, with seasoned business development professionals who can help get that all-important first customer or turn a dribble of interest into a flood.

Product Security

Having developed IP and product(s), how do companies defend them from criminal attack? We work with start-ups, established companies and international corporations to help ensure that patients are protected, revenues defended, liabilities minimised and costs contained.

Government Strategy

How does a country protect its people from fake health products and keep pace with international develelopments in anti-counterfeiting? We provide advice and guidance on industry requirements, law enforcement, government policy and international guidelines.

Use the form on the right to get in touch or call Mark Davison directly (+44 798 4455333) for a confidential discussion on how Blue Sphere Health can help your organization.

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