OCS Checkweighers

OCS Checkweighers OCS Checkweighers, Inc.
825 Marathon Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30046,
Tel: +1.678.344.8300 (main)
Fax: +1.678.344.8030
Website: http://www.ocs-cw.com
Email: info.usa@ocs-cw.com

Company Overview

OCS CHECKWEIGHERS, a technology leader in the field of dynamic product inspection systems and brand authentication systems develops and manufactures a broad range of weighing and inspection machines, including checkweighers, catchweighers, Track & Trace systems, X-ray scanners, and metal detectors. In terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and product tracking & verification (Track & Trace / Serialization / Aggregation) capabilities, these dynamic systems meet the highest standards and provide the best quality control and security available. Fully manufactured in-house and based on customer needs, our systems keep up with the pulse of technology and guarantee the highest possible product safety and security for consumer protection and to protect your brand. Serving the pharma, food, mail & logistics, and many other industries for over 25 years.

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