CertiRx 2 Davis Drive
Suite 200
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Tel: +1.919.354.1029
Website: http://www.certirx.com
Email: info@certirx.com

Company Overview

CertiRx Corporation is developing and commercializing proprietary platform technology into a set of solutions that makes counterfeits and frauds easier to detect, thereby deterring these crimes.

CertiRx focuses on delivering the highest security features at lowest cost. We have developed TraxSecur™ for pharmaceutical package authentication that is interoperable with track & trace serialization. TraxSecur™ is a high security authentication mark added at the same time and with the same printer as track and trace serial information. TraxSecur™ is a powerful tool that enables immediate capability to authenticate product returns and creates an extended authentication network through patient engagement (which can also serve as a rich source of anonymous data useful to manufacturers and others).

CertiRx is seeking partners across multiple industry verticals, both among end-users and solutions integrators, to deliver its solutions for reducing the problems of counterfeiting and fraud.

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