Micro-Tracers Micro-Tracers, Inc.
1370 Van Dyke Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94124-3313,
Tel: +1 (415) 822-1100
Fax: +1 (415) 822-6615
Website: http://www.microtracers.com
Email: info@microtracers.com

Company Overview

Micro-Tracers, Inc. (1961) is the worldwide leader for manufacturing analytical tracers used in the formula feed industry. It has developed an anti-counterfeiting solution for use in human pharma: magnetically attractable, micro-engraved particles. Made of entirely GRAS materials, they can be included in pills, coatings, and labels. They fluoresce for instant authentication of product, and can be read under a microscope for confirmation of brand name, lot#, or other identifying information.

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