Confronting coding challenges in the cable and wire industries

Date: January 2017
Author: Domino Printing Sciences
Document type: Whitepaper (.PDF file)

Abstract: The global market for wire and cable has enjoyed significant growth in recent years. According to Big Market Research, the average annual growth rate between 2007 and 2013 was 9.5%, and the years leading to 2018 are predicted to see only a slight slowdown, to 8.8% p.a. Market Watch estimates that the value of the global cable industry will be $297 billion in 2019.

This Domino Guide will help you choose the right equipment to meet the coding and marking challenges for wire and cable applications. It explains the major reasons why customers’ requirements for wire and cable products are changing, and how these affect the coding and marking process and influence the choice of printing solution. It also includes an overview of the relevant coding and marking technologies, with particular emphasis on the non-contact systems – continuous ink jet (CIJ) and laser.

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