Taggants / Forensic Markers (Micro-scale through to Nano-scale) for Anti-Counterfeit, Brand Protection, Product Authentication, Diversion Detection & Overall Product Security

Report Details:

Global counterfeiting continues to grow at around 15% plus year-on-year, according to ICC estimates. While the market for security Taggant / Forensic Marker solutions is growing somewhat more rapidly at nearer 20% annually.

Taggant / Forensic Marker technology is today well proven and is used extensively in a variety of security-related application areas across a number of large and important markets.

The publisher believes, however, that this is still early days for Taggants / Forensic Markers and that there is a substantial potential upside for future growth offering outstanding business opportunities. This report sets out to de-mystify the dynamically growing, complex and multi-facetted Taggant / Forensic Marker business.

These technologies have become established as an authentication technology of choice - being admissible as conclusive evidence in Courts of Law – underpinned by laboratory verifiable forensic evidence - This is seen as a Key USP.

Other attributes include:

  • Highly Covert – Micro scale through to Nano scale

  • High barriers to reverse engineering, detection and/or un-authorised replication.

  • Option to mark both packaging and / or product (providing additional security that may be cross-checked)

  • Can be uniquely formulated in terms of complexity & concentration, and so tailored, engineered and certified providing exclusivity for individual client applications (in some instances involving numerous unique formulations for a single client).

In addition, some types of Taggants / Forensic Markers can be FDA approved for human ingestion (eg: organic natural product) – This will become an important driver in some vertical markets, notably Food, Drink and Pharmaceuticals.

A number of vertical markets have been identified as being of particular interest and / or with brand owners having the most to gain:

  • Textiles / Non-wovens

  • Apparel (fashion, clothing, footwear, sportswear, headgear)

  • Electronics (components, industrial, consumer, automotive)

  • Defence (US DoD appoved) & Automotive components

  • Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Products (& General Healthcare)

  • Alcoholic Drinks

  • Food products

  • Agro-chemicals

  • Raw materials such as leather, cotton & wool

  • Non-ingestible Liquids & Fluids (fuels, lubricants, coatings, chemicals, paints...)

As well as a great diversity of other products...

The Taggant / Forensic Marker sector is characterised by the number of distinct Routes to Market (Carriers), that may be broken down as follows:

'In or On' Packaging / Labels:

  • In inks / coatings / varnishes / lacquers

  • In Raw Materials (eg: during manufacture of paper or polymer master batches).

'In or On' Products:

  • In textiles & wovens (eg: Cotton, wool, polymer based)

  • In ‘non-ingestible’ liquids (eg: fuels, lubricants, paints...)

  • In ‘ingestible’ products (pharmaceuticals, drinks & foodstuffs, tobacco products) – FDA approval for ingestible taggants is becoming a key issue

  • In agrochemicals & hybrid seeds – FDA approval for ingestible taggants is becoming a key issue and is set to become increasingly important in the face of World population concerns linked to the global food chain

  • Applied directly to products or packaging (sprayed – eg: Mechanical parts & machinery, electronics components from ICs to PCBs, automotive and a multiplicity of other diverse and sometime improbable applications...)

  • Adhesives (interesting for products that are not-printed, hence an ink carrier is not an option, for example Electronics, Automotive...)

A range of Taggant / Forensic Marker technologies are commercially available today – Each with distinct attributes & suitability for different types of application (both in terms of chemistry and scale as well as other factors).

While service levels offered by solution providers vary widely according to individual client needs, ranging from global full services solutions through to small-scale localised user self-applied solutions.


The findings of this research & analysis will be presented in the form of a detailed and structured report that will contain:

A detailed analysis of related activities involving Taggants / Forensic Markers worldwide – past, current & planned – Key Drivers, Success Factors & Trends supported with numerous Case Studies.

Each of the key vertical markets will be examined in detail with up-to-date market sizing estimates (2017) together with forecasts (2022)\

  • Supply Side – Detailed analysis of the complex multi-tier industry structure:

  • Company profiles of selected industry leader solution providers.

  • Overviews of other Solutions providers (including new & recent entrants)

  • Carriers (overview of types and routes to market)

A comprehensive technology overview – Types of technology – see main Families – SWOT analysis, Relative attributes – Key applications.

The leading families of Taggant / Forensic Marker technologies are subject to comprehensive analysis in the report - SWOT analysis, relative attributes, key applications:

  • Micro-scale Particles, Barcodes, Nameplates, Microdots / Datadots

  • Inorganic Molecular Rare Earth Based Taggants

  • Organic Molecular DNA Based Taggants

  • Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) – Isotopic

  • Spectroscopic/Optical/Photonic – Colour Change / Fluorescents / Up Converting Phosphors / Quantum Dots / Anti-Stokes luminescence

This Report will be of Value to:

  • Taggant / Forensic Marker Based Systems & Solution Providers

  • Packaging & Labels Converters

  • Ink makers (also coatings & adhesives makers)

  • Raw materials suppliers (paper & pulp, Polymer master batches)

  • Investigation and IP legal teams tasked with protection of vulnerable brands

  • Brand owners that stand to gain from important benefits from taggant implementation.

Additional Details & TOC available on request (please complete the form on the right-hand side should you require further information).

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