Luxury Accessories, Beauty & Apparel: Anti-Counterfeit, Brand Protection & Product Authentication (Markets, Opportunities & Synergies)

Publication date: December 2014
List price: £GBP 3,150 / €4,200 euros / $5,220 USD

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Report Details

Markets, Opportunities & Synergies for Providers of Integrated Solutions & Technologies (including Packaging / Labels Converters).

  • Luxury accessories including jewelry & watches, sunglasses, leather products for tourist & business travel, handbags & luxury shoes

  • Beauty including fragrances, colour cosmetics & other products

  • Apparel & footwear, sportswear & apparel accessories

Geographical scope - Worldwide

Detailed breakdown & analysis of markets highlighting different trends between developed and emerging regions.

The global market for personal luxury goods grew at between 4 & 6% in 2013 and this is forecast to continue through to 2018 according to industry experts. With regional figures ranging from a projected 2014 decline of up to minus 6% in Russia to an increase approaching a record 11% in Japan.

Market Sizing (2008 & 2013 with forecasts to 2018)

  • Breakdown of global markets for luxury accessories, beauty & apparel

  • Breakdown by geographical region (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific)

  • Breakdown of demand for different types of brand protection solutions by product category & by solution type.

Key Market Characteristics

A key characteristic of these luxury and related market segments is the degree to which brand owners continue to diversify beyond their respective traditional core businesses, crossing over between product categories in order to gain competitive advantage. These activities in themselves can create additional opportunities for providers of brand protection solutions:

  • Extending sales of brand protection solutions across a broader product portfolio beyond a particular brand owner’s traditional core product range

  • Identifying additional brand owners that could benefit from existing solutions and approaches that may already be in use in other comparable applications with other customers

Meanwhile luxury markets have been experiencing dramatic growth worldwide and are forecast to increase by up to a further 50% between 2013 & 2018 with Asia Pacific markets leading the way. While at the same time the incidence of counterfeiting in the luxury, beauty & apparel sectors has been exploding since around 2010 and forecast to keep growing from 2013 through to 2018 at between 13 and 17% annually.

Add to this mix the dramatic evolutions in the retail landscape primarily driven by digital technology, as well as distinctive features of the luxury, beauty & apparel industries such as the high level of tourist & business travel shopping at airports and retail outlets located internationally. Meanwhile a number of leading luxury brands are opening their own retail stores around the World.

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