Anti counterfeit, brand protection & tamper evident solutions


  • James Bevan ‐ MIMechE, BSc, MBA INSEAD\

  • Jeremy Plimmer ‐ MCIM, Dip.M. MinstP (Elec)

    Publication date: November 2013
    Number of pages: 530 across two volumes:

  • Volume I, Industry Analysis: 220 pages\

  • Volume II, 250 Company Profiles: 310 pages

    List price: £GBP 3,250 (€3,900 Euros / $USD 5,200)\

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Report Details

Announcing a BRAND NEW techno-economic market report: Anti counterfeit, brand protection & tamper evident solutions. The publisher has visited over 300 company websites seeking out information and news on anti counterfeit, brand protection and tamper evidence. As well as a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the industry supply side, the report contains 250 plus profiles of selected solutions providers worldwide. These online searches have been massively time consuming, but it means that they have been done for you. You can simply benefit from the findings and identify trends & business opportunities that work for you:

  • Who owns whom

  • Mergers / acquisitions – recent and not so recent

  • Partnerships & alliances

  • Leading integrators

  • Leading technology players

  • A key role for packaging / label converters, security printers

  • Security materials & technologies - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Levels of defence

  • Mass serialisation / coding, security holographic, security inks, materials for packaging / labels, forensic markers, DNA solutions, digital watermarking, micro-dots, RFID / NFC, new generation codes – QR / 2D

  • Tamper evidence

  • On-pack / on-product anti counterfeit solutions

  • Brands Online - Internet brand monitoring solutions

  • Consumer enabled brand protection with smart phones

  • The role of ancillary and support services including legal and enforcement aspects

  • Market sizing and forecasts

  • And more...

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