Schreiner ProSecure

Schreiner ProSecure Schreiner ProSecure
a competence center of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co.KG
Bruckmannring 22
85764 Oberschleissheim
Tel: +49/89/31584-5385
Fax: +49/89/31584-5317

Co-Owner and Managing Director: Roland Schreiner
Owner and Head of Advisory Board: Helmut F. Schreiner
Contact: Thomas Völcker, Director Marketing and Business Development


Company Overview

Schreiner ProSecure, a competence center of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG based in Oberschleissheim near Munich, develops and produces customized security solutions for product and document protection. The division specializes in delivering intelligent system solutions for optimal marking, sealing and monitoring of the distribution chain. Drawing on years-long expertise in security printing and know-how in forward-thinking security technologies, Schreiner ProSecure creates innovative solutions for effective counterfeiting and tampering protection with "multi-tasking capabilities" exactly tailored to match individual requirements.

Identifying the best suited technology is the key to the best solution. State-of-the-art marking solutions are able to perform three functions at the same time:

Any attempt at removing nameplates or product marking or at opening a seal, packaging or housing etc. is irreversibly indicated.

The combination of security features enables reliable authentication of marked products and documents – by laymen or experts, depending on requirements.

Online authentication and Track & Trace solutions are ideal to verify the integrity of a logistics chain.

Anti-Tamper Evidence

Products and documents should reach their intended recipient unaltered and securely packaged. Schreiner ProSecure has developed solutions clearly indicating any attempt at unauthorized opening or tampering. A selection of available technologies:


Security features for proof of authenticity are divided into three categories:

  • Overt features enable quick authentication by the customer or at the point of sale without requiring any particular tools or aids. Due to the risk of copying by professional counterfeiters, we recommend a combination of overt features with covert and digital technologies.

  • Covert features today increasingly use technologies from the field of high-security printing. They provide reliable proof of authenticity which is helpful, for instance, in the case of customer complaints.

  • Digital security features use computer-generated, highly encrypted encodings as cleartext numbers, 2-D datamatrix codes or special noise patterns to enable authentication via Internet portals or mobile end devices.

All features can be individually designed and combined as desired or needed. This results in the creation of highly complex security labels that successfully curb counterfeiting activities.

A selection of available technologies:

Track & Trace

Integrated Track & Trace solutions help reliably detect diversions, re-imports, and exchange of merchandise or documents. They optimize supply processes all the way to the satisfied customer. Schreiner ProSecure uses the following Track & Trace technologies:

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