VFT Solutions

VFT Solutions VFT Solutions, Inc.
80 N. Main Street,
M&T Bank building,
Ellenville, NY USA 12428
Tel: +1-844-483-8765
Website: http://www.vft-solutions.com
Email: info@vft-solutions.com

Company Overview

VFT is the first solution of its kind. By attacking fraud from the bottom-up, VFT provides brands with the insight, technology and tools to proactively:

1. Disrupt counterfeit goods and supply chain fraud.
2. Minimize losses while creating new markets.
3. Use proprietary technology as a force-multiplier to allow global monitoring and enforcement at a fraction of traditional cost.
4. Avoids expensive, public and risky global litigation.

Contact us to learn more about VFT and our unique solutions today.

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