Streaming piracy will cost US industry $113bn by 2027

A just-published report has predicted that there will be a cumulative loss to piracy for streaming video providers serving US consumers of $113bn by 2027.

The new Streaming Piracy Market & Ecosystem Strategies study from Parks Associates suggests that piracy rates for US streaming services in film and television programming are expected to rise from 22 per cent in 2022 to 24.5 per cent in 2027. Visits to pirate hosting websites increased by 31% in 2020, it says.

Meanwhile, the value of fraudulent advertising delivered online to media and entertainment consumers may exceed $700m in 2027.

“While there is some optimism that emerging countermeasures and best-practices may see piracy begin to plateau by 2027, there is no consensus among stakeholders as to when it may begin to decline,” according to Parks contributing analyst Steve Hawley.

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