Ten plead guilty in US fake credit card ring

Credit cardsUS attorneys have secured guilty pleas from 10 people accused of using fake credit cards and driver’s licenses to buy goods.

The accused are alleged to have used fake cards at Walmart, Target and other retailers. Once purchased, the products, which included iPads and other electronic items, were put up for sale on eBay, reports.

Evidence of the operation was uncovered in May 2011 when a US Secret Service agent bought an iPad from eBay. Investigators traced the iPad back to a Target store where it was allegedly purchased using a fake identity.

To date 10 people have been arrested, all of whom have pled guilty. The investigation continues. A possible ringleader referred to in court documents as ‘Co-conspirator A’ is yet to be arrested.

Authorities allege the unnamed person directed the operation, with those arrested so far working in various lower roles. Some bought goods, others delivered fake credit cards and one person is alleged to have coordinated the operation.

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