Currency counterfeiters arrested in Spain

Fake eurosSpanish police have arrested five people suspected of belonging to an international organised criminal group responsible for the production and distribution of counterfeit euro and US dollar banknotes.

During the operation counterfeit euros worth €14,750, counterfeit US dollars worth 90.000 and €16,000 in genuine euro notes were seized, reports Europol. Those arrested were three Spanish men and a man and woman from Colombia.

The illicit print shop was dismantled in Toledo, Spain, and all equipment to produce counterfeit euro banknotes was seized such as inkjet and laser printers, scanners, computers, pen drives, laminating machine, hot foil stamping devices, printing plates and clichés for 50 euros, inks, and metallic foil.

The investigation into the gang started in 2013 and was led by the Spanish National Police, Brigada de Investigación del Banco de Espana and regional units UDYCO Costa del Sol, UDEV Jaénce, working with the Spanish National Bank and Europol.

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