PR: Leybold announces IoT supply chain collaboration with ScanTrust

Leybold, one of the leading providers of vacuum pumps and systems, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Switzerland based startup ScanTrust, thanks to the introduction made by the Berlin-based ecosystem CUBE.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Leybold will integrate ScanTrust’s QR codes on every Leybold product globally and leverage the ScanTrust Internet of Things platform to create unique digital identifiers of each individual product. By connecting each product to the web and leveraging the use of a simple smartphone, Leybold will be able to allow customers, partners and employees to interact with their products in new ways, offering enhanced services and use real-time business intelligence to improve supply chain efficiency. The implementation is in full swing and is scheduled to be finalized in the second quarter of 2017. For ScanTrust, this project demonstrates the scalability and stability of its Internet of Things platform, as the implementation covers more than 7,000 SKUs and also includes SAP integration into Leybold’s systems.

Leybold’s Head of Business Development Carl Brockmeyer commented: “We are increasingly engaging in fast-paced and dynamic business environments. The integration of unique QR codes opens up entirely new business models and channels to interact with our customers worldwide, further enhancing Leybold’s efforts to digitize our supply chains and our continuous efforts to offer more valuable experiences to users of our products. We are especially looking forward to the CUBE

Tech Fair as with this event CUBE offers a unique forum for absolutely essential encounters between agile startups and established corporations.”

CUBE, which facilitated the partnership by connecting both parties, is a global innovation ecosystem, bridging the gap between top B2B startups and major industry leaders worldwide. Fitting startups can qualify to become a member of CUBE’s ecosystem for free.

Speaking about the agreement between ScanTrust and Leybold, CUBE’s Executive Chairman Torsten Oelke is proud: “Having launched CUBE in June 2016, this business partnership is proof of our mission. By connecting startups and industry players, just like these two unlikely partners, we want to foster digitalization and make industry 4.0 visible.“

ScanTrust co-founder and CEO Nathan J. Anderson said, “Finding the right startup-corporate relationship is always a challenge for both sides, as misaligned needs and visions can lead to frustration rather than fulfillment. The CUBE ecosystem was invaluable in helping us find an ideal partner like Leybold, someone who truly shares our vision for bringing innovative solutions to the supply chain to grow business and was serious about putting these leading-edge solutions into action. We look forward to participating in the inaugural Cube Tech Fair this May in Berlin to further extend our network of innovative corporate partners.”

About CUBE GmbH

CUBE is a global ecosystem dedicated to bridging the gap between top B2B startups and major industry leaders. With a deep understanding of startups and corporations and their vastly different cultures, CUBE connects these unlikely partners through a network of touchpoints worldwide, and acts as the most efficient B2B matchmaking service available.

Through a year-round program CUBE also offers industry and startups a space to collaborate via its Cooperation Space in the heart of Berlin. Highlight event of the year is the CUBE Tech Fair in May 2017, that brings global visibility to the most important industries in startup innovations by promoting projects between leading industry players and startups. CUBE was founded in June 2016 with Dr. Torsten Oelke as executive chairman and global founding partners VW, Bayer and Messe Berlin.

About Leybold GmbH

Leybold offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions for use in manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes. The company's core capabilities centre on the development of application and customer specific systems for the creation of vacuum and the extraction of process gases.

About ScanTrust SA

ScanTrust provides a cloud-based IoT platform that connects products and packaging to the internet, using secure unique identifiers, to enable supply chain visibility and mobile product authentication. By combining industry-leading secure 2D barcodes (QR and data matrix) with a comprehensive software suite, ScanTrust helps brand owners to protect against counterfeit goods, monitor grey market goods through unit-level traceability of products, and drive end-user engagement. ScanTrust has offices in Lausanne, Shanghai and Bangkok.

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