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April 15, 2020

VRS Blockchain: The solution for the pharma supply chain is here

Guest: Susanne Somerville, CEO, Chronicled

Over 2% of pharma medication sold in the U.S. is returned by dispensers but eligible for resale. Beginning this November, in order to prevent counterfeiting and diversion, wholesalers are required to verify drug legitimacy before re-selling it. Over 95% of drugs that are resold will utilize the Verification Router Service on the blockchain-based MediLedger network. Susanne will review:

  • How brands are using the product verification solution and blockchain’s role
  • MediLedger innovation and the extended value it delivers
  • The benefit of deploying decentralized supply chain ecosystems and building protocol-driven solutions to enhance trade

April 22, 2020

How do you protect 1,000,000,000 people every day?

Guest: David Yingling, Brand Protection and Product Security, Johnson & Johnson

Around the world, one billion people use Johnson & Johnson products on a daily basis. It is a monumental task to keep them all safe from illicit activity that can sneak into the supply chain. Meet the man behind the scenes who is responsible for the security features that are selected and applied to the various J&J products. In this discussion, David will cover:

  • A range of traditional through digital anti-counterfeiting and diversion technologies
  • How J&J determines what feature to put on what product from their arsenal of consumer safety solutions
  • Ideas for how to protect yourself from suspect products all the time, not just during adverse times

April 29, 2020

Assessing brand integrity ROI: Insights from research and practice

Guest: Jeremy M. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, MSU, School of Criminal Justice

The struggle to determine allocation and deployment of brand integrity resources is real. Companies seek to understand how well their strategy is performing and how to maximize effectiveness with finite resources. In this webinar, practical lessons on valuing brand integrity across industries will be discussed. As a total business solution, Jeremy will share:

  • Key issues, preferred uses, and necessary elements of ROI assessment
  • Insights into measuring performance based on a large benchmark study
  • Results for conceptualizing what success means and the key components

May 6, 2020

Integrating print and anti-counterfeiting technologies into one multi-layered packaging solution

Guest: Robert Sherwood, VP Security Programs Management Global Support, VeriTrace Inc.

Why should we consider applying multi-level security technologies? Are there benefits to a layered approach? It’s widely understood that authentication techniques must be available for use by a variety of stakeholders including legal teams, investigators, supply chain players and finally consumers. Robert will share the anatomy of a multi-level anti-counterfeit label and discuss:

  • Why labels should provide maximum functionality for branding, product information and security
  • The various types of overt and covert security technologies and how they can be used
  • Interactive software platforms and tools that include smartphones, scanners and vision systems

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