PR: Hong Kong tech firm launches counterfeit-proof vaccination & health passport to show travelers are COVID-free

As tests and vaccinations for communicable diseases slowly become mandatory requirements for travel, they become targets for counterfeiters. Fraudsters are selling fake Covid-19 test and vaccination certificates on the black market according to Europol.

To support the safe re-opening of international economies, HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. developed MatriX-iPass - a secure test and vaccine management platform designed for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. MatriX-iPass allows citizens to travel with confidence and businesses to operate safely again.

“HealthMatriX provides both physical and digital solutions, backed by our team’s years of experience in high security printing of banknotes, IDs, and government documents, as well as being a pioneer for SaaS track and trace solutions,” said Alfons Futterer, Founder and President of HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd.

Fake certificates and test results have become rampant as travelers seek to cross borders or gain entry to particular establishments, tourist destinations, or other countries. MatriX-iPass solves this through a counterfeit-proof verification process using blockchain technology and counterfeit-proof paper-based solutions to bar entry to holders of fake certificates and tampered test results.

Jacqueline Gan, VP of HealthMatriX said: “MatriX-iPass is designed to be an end-to-end solution, from managing test or vaccination registration, issuing health passports, continuously updating health status, as well as inspecting the health passports’ unique multi-level security features. Additional modules are available to deter and detect fraud, corruption and other illegal activities with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.”

Currently, the MatriX-iPass system is being used by the Philippines’ largest Covid-testing company at a popular tourist destination which draws over 2 million tourists per year pre-pandemic.

“As the largest Covid-testing company in the Philippines, LABx needed highly secure technology for our test certificates. Fake certificates were becoming rampant in the country just for people to cross borders,” said Thomas Hector Navasero, CEO of LABx Corporation. “The technology confirms your Covid-test status and your vaccination record which is critically needed in protecting citizens from the risk of communicable diseases.”

“HealthMatriX is proud to support the LABx Vpass Health Visa program, to provide document and digital solutions to manage vaccination programs and verify health credentials,” said Alfons Futterer. “The physical Health Visa is designed with banknote-grade security printed features, while money-transfer type of digital security is applied to store, interchange, and validate the sensitive private health data.”

Within the MatriX-iPass App, citizens can register and see their test results and vaccination status. A counterfeit-proof Health Passport would then be issued to them by the facility that administered the vaccine or test.

MatriX-iPass inspection app and other tools can be used to determine the veracity of vaccine certificates or test results being presented to them. This makes for a closed-loop system that can effectively protect the integrity of vaccine certificates and test results.

To ensure that certificates and test results are authentic and safe from hacks, MatriX-iPass employs blockchain technology, cryptographic features, and AI-powered counterfeit threat detection systems to further enhance security.

MatriX-iPass can also be integrated with other systems and can be used for vaccination tracking and tracing. It’s also scalable for a wider implementation such as nationwide government pandemic response and augmenting existing contact tracing efforts.

Futterer further said: “We all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will be history soon; therefore we built MatriX-iPass so that it can be used for all types of known or future communicable disease testing, vaccination, and health status validation.”

Product Features:

  • A complete 4-in-1 solution that includes a digital MatriX-iPass health record management system, a convenient mobile app, an anti-copy physical health passport, and a high-security stamp and ink with forensic security security features.
  • Blockchain encryption with built-in A.I. for spotting probable cases of fraud introduced to the system.
  • Track & trace system for secure document distribution designed to eliminate misuse of original Health Passports.
  • Reliable verification process through a cloud-hosted server for digital verification and a high-security anti-copy physical health passport for offline use cases.

About MatriX-iPass

MatriX-iPass is a complete vaccination and test verification solution developed by HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. as a crucial aid to the global pandemic response. The state-of-the-art SaaS platform uses blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge secure QR technology to both manage and protect user data efficiently.

About HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd.

HealthMatriX Technologies Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based technology firm created in response to the global pandemic of 2020. It provides digital and physical tools to enable governments and organizations to effectively manage vaccination programs, diagnostic testing, and health credential screening using health passports.

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