PR: Future FinTech adopts QRO anti-counterfeit code on its Hedetang brand products

Future FinTech Group Inc., a financial technology company and integrated producer of fruit-related products, today announces that it has adopted the QRO anti-counterfeiting code to all products under the company's Hedetang brand. Hedetang products are currently sold on the Chain Cloud Mall (CCM), a blockchain-based shopping platform owned and managed by FTFT and its wholly-owned subsidiary Chain Cloud Mall Network Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

The Company's Hedetang brand has multiple product lines, including fruit and vegetable meal replacement powder, healthy enzyme drinks made from high-quality seasonal fruits, etc.

By adopting the QRO anti-counterfeit code technology, each Hedetang product will be issued an unalterable anti-counterfeit code that records every event or transaction on a distributed ledger, which makes the whole process from manufacturing to delivering traceable. By scanning the code, customers can see all the information, including product, sales, transportation etc., about the product and verify the authenticity of the product. After successful verification, customers will receive an authentication certificate issued by company and extra credit points which provide them discounts when they buy Hedetang products from the CCM next time.

"After years of development, Hedetang brand has been recognized as one of China's Top 10 Assured Food Brands at 2018 China Food Industry Development Forum and deeply trusted by consumers. We believe that the adoption of QRO anti-counterfeit code on our Hedetang brand product can strengthen this trust and will attract more customers. We are committed to providing our customers with products that are healthy, delicious and safe in the future." said Mr. YongkeXue, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Future FinTech.

About Future FinTech Group Inc.

Future FinTech Group Inc. is incorporated in Florida and engages in fruit juice and financial technology businesses. The Company engages in the research and development of digital asset systems based on blockchain technology and also operates an incubator for application projects using blockchain technology. The Company and its subsidiaries are developing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for a variety of B2B and B2C real-life applications including a variety of financial businesses and the distribution, marketing and sale of consumer products. FTFT is also developing an operational online shopping mall platform utilizing blockchain technology and the shared economy.

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