PR: BrandShield and AmaZix partner to bring brand protection tools to crypto communities

BrandShield, the AI-powered cyber intelligence company battling online brand abuse and scams, today announced its partnership with AmaZix, the world’s leading community management and engagement firm for crypto startups. As part of this partnership, AmaZix will provide BrandShield’s anti-phishing solution to all of its customers in the fight against fraud in crypto-communities. The BrandShield solution includes constant monitoring that proactively detects and removes threats from social platforms and websites.

BrandShield was established in 2014 as a cloud platform to revolutionize the way organizations fight brand abuse - from detection to takedown. Due to the high incidence of brand abuse and scams in the cryptosphere, it is a natural fit for BrandShield’s expertise. BrandShield has taken the initiative a step further with the announcement of MyShield, a next-generation, decentralized, anti-scam platform which will benefit from the collective wisdom of the crowd.

It is estimated that $670 million-worth of cryptocurrency was lost to scammers in Q1 2018. As the market cap has increased year-on-year, and thanks to its anonymous nature, scammers are attracted to crypto. AmaZix is the curator of more than 130 crypto community channels. It is at the coal face of fraudulent activity and phishing attempts, and actively works every day to protect its clients and the wider community. With this partnership, AmaZix’s clients will benefit from an additional layer of protection from BrandShield’s AI-powered technology.

“AmaZix prides itself on working as a partner to its crypto startup clients, working alongside the founding team to build a supportive community for the best crypto startups. A big part of this work is keeping the community safe by being vigilant to scamming activity,” said Jonas Sevel Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix. “The community is nothing without trust, confidence, and the best security measures being put into place. BrandShield’s exceptional technology makes this a reality, not only for us, but for all of the clients that we support and represent.”

“The recent collaboration and multilayer partnership with AmaZix is a major step towards creating a secure ecosystem for the blockchain world,” says Yoav Keren, CEO of BrandShield. “Scams are plaguing this industry, slowly stripping away layers of trust with the public. We want to instill a sense of confidence and security back into the space, and start with some of the biggest names in the industry.”

About BrandShield

BrandShield, an online brand protection cloud based software, revolutionizes the way organizations fight brand abuse - from detection to takedown. BrandShield's AI-powered cyber intelligence technology enables early detection of online scams, including phishing, fraud and counterfeits, automated exposure of fraud networks and swift takedown options. BrandShield’s robust, patented technology not only detects online scams, it also analyzes and prioritizes risks, based on web metrics and its machine learning capabilities. This unique methodology allows focusing enforcement resources on the problems that create the most damage, across multiple platforms including rogue websites, ecommerce marketplaces, social media platforms, mobile apps and PPC Ads. BrandShield also provides comprehensive enforcement and case management tools creating a 1-stop-shop for all enforcement efforts. Combining them with BrandShield's enforcement experts completes the most thorough protection from online scams.

About MyShield

MyShield will be a blockchain based Anti-Scam Platform, created based on the technology, knowledge, and experience of BrandShield. MyShield will alert users whenever they reach a fraudulent website, or any other type of online scam, and bring trust to the ecommerce and online market. MyShield aims to create an economy of confidence, based on the MyShield token, the MSLD, a Token of Trust.

About AmaZix

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management and social engagement services for crypto projects and a new breed of 24/7 marketing company that facilitates direct interaction with the founding and management teams of start-ups. It also offers strategic advice on whitepapers and rewards programs. In little over a year, it has helped over 100 crypto projects raise a total of $1.1 billion and the company has grown from six to 120 staff in 20 countries around the world.

AmaZix serves a unique need for crypto startups, ensuring that community channels and forums such as Telegram, Bitcoin Talk and Reddit are monitored 24/7, and questions are always answered promptly. AmaZix also acts as the first line of defense against fraudulent activity, helping to prevent the loss of money to criminals and scammers through impersonation and cloned social channels or websites.

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