More Turkish-labelled counterfeit Botox found in US

US Customs and Border Protection officers at a Cincinnati express consignment facility have seized counterfeit Botox injections worth around $24,000.

The packages, manifested as “beauty sample” were sent to the US from Slough, in the UK, and were en route to a number of private residences in Florida. The Botox vials had packaging and labelling in Turkish – just like earlier seizures reported last year. They were also improperly labelled as being valued at just $1.

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) – a form of botulinum toxin sold by drugmaker Allergan – is restricted by the FDA and cannot be imported into the US without proper documentation. It’s not clear yet if the vials are genuine product that has been diverted illegally into the US, or a knock-off.

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