Another policeman killed in Mexico

Mexican policeA second policeman has been killed in incidents involving pharmaceutical thefts, with a third wounded in a gun battle.

Since reporting last week that a policeman had been killed defending a pharmaceutical shipment delivery, news has emerged that towards the end of February another officer was shot during the hijacking of another shipment in transit from Mexico City International Airport and was pronounced dead on arriving at hospital.

Another policeman as shot and seriously wounded by the gang, which made off with medicines valued at around $1m. According to the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC), the gang kidnapped the driver during the hijacking and transferred the products to another truck. The empty hijacked truck was found by police a few minutes later, not far from the location of the incident.

Three individuals have been arrested, but no product has been recovered as of yet. Meanwhile, it has been reported that four individuals have now been taken into custody in connection with the fatal shooting of officer Carlos Salinas Wong last week.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Frontpage

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