Systech teams up with Foodmach to target Australia, NZ

Systech has continued its expansion into the food brand protection market via a collaboration with Australian packaging company Foodmach.

The agreement means that Foodmach – Australia’s largest food and beverage automation specialist and product traceability integrator – will act as preferred partner to market Systech’s UniSecure product in Australia and New Zealand.

The UniSecure technology gives existing barcodes a fingerprint based on the small-scale variations – or ‘noise’ – in the printed version, so doesn’t require the any marker or tag to be added. The unique pattern is stored on the cloud after the barcode is printed and can be used for later authentication, at any stage in the supply chain, using a mobile device app.

By joining forces with Foodmach, Systech looks set to gather additional momentum with UniSecure in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The two countries are “significant exporters across high-value categories, including food, dairy and wine, to Asia; where counterfeiting and product diversion are growing challenges to brand owners,” says Systech’s CEO Ara Ohanian.

“Historically, the only way to combat counterfeit and diversion risks in the supply chain successfully is to uniquely identify and authenticate individual products,” says Foodmach, noting that has been done by adding additional unique covert or overt technologies to each product.

Because UniSecure doesn’t require any additional technology, code or symbology on the consumer packaging it is a “game-changing technology,” according to Phillip Biggs, the company’s general manager, product traceability solutions.

“We believe there is a tremendous need for this technology in Australia and New Zealand,” says Biggs.

Systech’s Liza Nelson will be presenting the UniSecure system at AUSPACK 2019 in Melbourne next month to demonstrate how it can be applied to consumer packaged goods.

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