Jamaican DJ arrested in fake beverage case

Juice imageJamaican police have arrested a local DJ for allegedly manufacturing and marketing counterfeit drinks.

Samples of the allegedly counterfeit fruit beverage were seized by police during raids. Local DJ Horace Lewis, who goes by the stage name LA Lewis, was arrested in connection to the fake drink claims. 

"Our investigation is at a preliminary stage so I cannot speak on the matter at this time, only to say he is being held for breaching the Trademark Act," Fitz Bailey, head of the Organised Crime Investigation Division in Jamaica, told The Jamaica Star.

Lewis has denied claims he is involved in counterfeiting. In an interview with the newspaper, the DJ said his beverage business is legitimate but acknowledged that the label it uses is "almost similar" to an existing product.

Claims the drink is manufactured in unsanitary conditions were also dismissed by Lewis. The case will now progress to Magistrate’s Court where Lewis and two other accused will answer to the charges.

Police say they also seized fake pharmaceutical products in the raid.

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