Infant formula thieves sentenced under Safe Doses Act

Infant formulaFive people found guilty of stealing Abbott Laboratories infant formula products in 2012 have been sentenced under the US Safe Doses Act.

The five criminals have been sentenced to between 30 and 60 months in jail under the terms of the SDA (HR N4223), which was introduced in 2012 and increased penalties for those involved in criminal activities relating to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and infant formula products.

As well as increasing sentences for those who steal the products, with hefty penalties for cases involving harm to the public, the SDA also enhances penalties for 'fences' who knowingly obtain stolen medical products for resale into the supply chain and makes provision for restitution for victims of this type of crime.

Under the bill, aggravated offenses that result in serious bodily injury or death can face a 30-year maximum sentence and - if at least $5,000 worth of medical products is involved - the maximum is 15 years or 20 for other aggravated offenses. All other cases are subject to a three-year maximum sentence, boosted to five years for aggravated crimes that do not cause death or serious injury.

A sixth member of the criminal gang is in custody in Indianapolis, Indiana on additional charges of stealing Mead Johnson infant formula product sold under the Enfamil brand in 2011, according to the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC).                              

The Abbott theft involved several thousand cases of Similac Isomil Soy Powder that were taken en route from Vermont to Texas. The company suffered another Similac theft earlier this year that was stolen in Texas whilst being shipped from Arizona to Georgia.

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