Burgundy vineyard adds NFC labels to its entire range

Selinko has teamed up with NXP Semiconductors to provide near-field communication (NFC) smart labels for a Burgundy wine producer.

Domaine Geantet-Pansiot has said it will add labels with NFC tags supplied by NXP to each bottle it produces - starting with its 2015 vintage - giving them a unique identity that can be verified in the field using Selinko's mobile app. The estate has been using the technology for its top-tier wines for just over a year.

The two companies say the collaboration provides an "Internet of Things" (IoT) package that will introduce "authentication, traceability and consumer engagement" across Geantet-Pansiot entire range.

The technology enables each bottle to be uniformly traced as far as the end customer and will allow the estate to protect its wines from counterfeiting, combat gray markets and communicate with smartphone-using customers directly.

"As a passionate winemaker, I feel it is essential to be able to continuously guarantee to my consumers and my customers a level of expertise and quality worthy of a genuine Geantet-Pansiot wine," said Fabien Geantet, the estate's owner.

The smart-labeled Geantet-Pansiot bottles will be on sale at the beginning of 2017.

Other beverage companies that have turned to Selinko for authentication include Diageo, Rémy Martin, Château Le Pin and Bodegas Toro Albalá, amongst others.

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