Fake menthol cigarettes seized ahead of UK ban

Counterfeit menthol cigarettes seem to be on the increase in the UK ahead of the upcoming ban in May, says one tobacco producer.

The ban is a result of new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws, which outlaw menthol cigarettes, flavoured rolling tobacco and “skinny” cigarettes, in a bid to deter young people from smoking. The move still applies to the UK despite Brexit.

Japanese tobacco giant JTI told the website that it has already seen examples of counterfeit menthol cigarettes being seized in the UK ahead of the ban. A similar pattern emerged in Canada, which introduced its own ban on menthol products in 2017.

JTI has set up a website to explain the forthcoming changes, which notes that some menthol and so-called capsule products - containing capsules inside filters that smokers can press to release a liquid that flavours smoke – will come into effect on May 20.

“Adult smokers may be tempted to buy fake alternatives from the black market,” it says, adding that this is inadvisable as “fake products are not regulated and have previously been found to contain asbestos, mould, dust, dead flies and rat droppings.”

“This also invites criminality into our communities and funds serious organised crime,” adds JTI.

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