UAE shutters counterfeit engine oil factory

The Ajman Department of Economic Development (DED) in United Arab Emirates has shut down a counterfeit engine oil factor after an enforcement operation.

The operation resulted in 100,000 bottles of oil worth an estimated Dh 20m ($5m) being seized, which were carrying “international trademarks”, and the factory was immediately fined and closed, said Ajman DED in a press release.

Abdulla Ahmed Alhemrani, assistant director-general for economic registration and control affairs, said that Ajman DED “makes all efforts to combat commercial fraud and counterfeit goods,” particularly when it involves products that “pose risks to consumers and cause damage to their property … due to their incompliance with international specifications and standards.”

Fake engine oil is generally either a low-grade oil that is passed off as a high-grade oil, or old engine oil that has been recycled. It can cause engine damage from overheating, seizing and warping in severe cases.

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