Shell takes aim at fake lubricants in Malaysia

Shell has started a crackdown on counterfeit versions of its engine oil and lubricant products on sale in Malaysia in cooperation with local enforcement authorities.

Shell Malaysia started random sampling and testing of products sold online or in hypermarkets last year after becoming suspicious that counterfeits were on sale. It found four out of 12 products – 33 per cent – were counterfeit.

Shell is advising consumers who buy its lubricants to make use of QR codes on labelling to verify their purchases via its SHARE website. It recently conducted a training workshop for enforcement officers aimed at helping them distinguish fake from genuine Shell products.

Fake engine oil is generally either a low-grade oil that is passed off as a high-grade oil, or old engine oil that has been recycled. It can cause engine damage from overheating, seizing and warping in severe cases.

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