New standard tackles counterfeit electronic parts

Silicon chipMicroelectronics standards group JEDEC has published a best practices guide to strengthen supply chains from counterfeit electronic parts.

The new standard - JESD343 - lays out manufacturers' responsibilities in preventing or mitigating counterfeits and applies to monolithic microcircuits, hybrid microcircuits and discrete semiconductor products.

In essence, the standard covers ways in which original component manufacturers (OCMs), authorised aftermarket manufacturers, and other companies that manufacture electronic parts under their own brand can maintain oversight of their supply chain and respond effectively when suspected counterfeits are encountered.

The key elements of the guide are a control plan, the use of authorised distributors and distribution agreements, approved suppliers and restricted purchasing, along with stringent record-keeping, amongst other factors.

It also provides specific advice on verifying returned products for authenticity and preventing rejected products re-entering the supply chain.

The standard defines a counterfeit part as:

"An unlawful or unauthorized reproduction, substitution, or alteration that has been knowingly mismarked, misidentified, or otherwise misrepresented to be an authentic, unmodified electronic part from the original manufacturer or a source with the express written authority of the original manufacturer or current design activity, including an authorized aftermarket manufacturer."

That includes unlawful or unauthorized substitution of electronic parts, for example by false identification of grade, serial number, lot number, date code or performance characteristics.

The manufacturing organisation’s management "shall ensure that the policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the manufacturing," it says.

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