Merck forges closer ties with BrandWatch

Merck SecuralicGerman group Merck KGaA is expanding its alliance with BrandWatch Technologies in the area of brand protection.

The elevation of the collaboration to a strategic partnership means that Merck can extend its range of Securalic pigments with "a variety of new, hidden security features as well as the associated readers."

Securalic pigments are already widely used to protect paint, plastic goods and in printed materials such as banknotes and identity cards, providing overt, covert and forensic security features. 

Adding additional features from BrandWatch's stable of technologies will allow it to "consolidate its position in the core markets of the US and Europe," said Merck. Meanwhile, US-based BrandWatch will be able to tap into Merck's international sales and marketing channels.

"The BrandWatch product range increases the array of possible combinations," said Merck in a statement.

"The hidden security solutions can be verified only by means of detectors. In this way, high-quality brand-name products can be protected against imitation and consumer protection is bolstered."

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