LG wins large pay-out from headset counterfeiters

Electronics and tech company LG has won $168m in a US court after suing 17 companies who were making illegal and faked copies of its LG TONE devices.

LG said the court had helped it "slam the door" on the 17 defendants who were found liable for manufacturing, distributing, trafficking and selling counterfeit and knockoff forms of its headsets.

The company had originally sought $200m in damages, but this is still both a big win and major statement from LG, which has also used the case to reiterate its "zero-tolerance stance against such infringing and counterfeiting."

The company added in a statement that it remains committed "to protecting both its loyal consumers and its valued authorized retailers against such fraudulent and deceptive practices."

Chang Ma, president of LG Electronics Mobile USA and head of the LG Electronics North American mobile business, said: "We strive to ensure that our customers have a favorable experience when buying LG TONE headsets through our trusted retailers and distributors."

"These fine stores and outlets are likewise deserving of protection from counterfeits and knockoffs, because such illicit goods harm the very bedrock of their businesses, too. We share their frustration and anger."

In a strongly-worded statement, he added that while victorious in this latest battle, the company will not be resting on its laurels. "We will remain vigilant. We will not let up; those who choose to make and peddle counterfeits, knockoffs and look-alikes can expect aggressive legal action," Ma said.

And LG fired a warning shot to others selling so-called 'liquidated' LG TONE products that fail to tell consumers that such products are not new, and can in fact often be damaged and not covered by LG's warranties, promising to up its lawsuits here too.

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