Fake Terex cranes putting purchasers at risk

Terex craneTerex is warning customers to be wary of fake Terex/Demag crawler cranes that take short cuts with regard to quality and safety.

The company said it has received a number of reports of counterfeit models, originating from China, that are being sold as second-hand Terex cranes.

A similar incident affected the company in 2009 with the most recent wave of reports occurring in China, South Korea, Singapore, India and Pakistan., said the company in a press release

The counterfeits - most commonly CC2500-1 lattice boom crawlers –are usually painted red and use the manufacturer’s legacy Demag brand.

Klaus Meissner, director of product integrity for Terex Cranes, said: "We are aware of three different 'designs' of the CC 2500-1 crane on the market, and of at least nine or 10 fake cranes that have been sold, all originating from China."

The fakes are typically assembled from a blend of older and newer technology and a mix of components that were never designed to work together and can usually be identified by "poor weld quality, inferior steel structures and improperly fitted tracks", said Terex. Many of the standard safety components are also missing.

"This is a serious situation, not only because this infringes on our intellectual property but, more importantly, it poses a serious safety risk for our customers," said Meissner.

"The use of these inferior, counterfeit cranes can result in deadly consequences."

Terex notes that checking serial numbers is no guarantee of authenticity as the plates they are stamped on can also be fake. The company stressed the importance of conducting a thorough inspection of any used cranes by a qualified individual prior to purchase, especially in vulnerable markets, and has also set up an email address for worried customers.

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