Counterfeiters pre-empt AirPods 3 launch

Apple fans on tenterhooks about the third iteration of the tech giant's massively popular AirPods should beware as fakes are already being offered online.

The tech giant is said to be planning to launch 'AirPods 3' later this year – sometime in or after the third quarter is the current expectation – along with a second version of its AirPods Pro line.

Imitators for the current models abound, both those claiming to be genuine Apple and lookalikes. Leaks have already been reported for the new AirPods 3s design, however, suggesting it will look closer in form factor the current Pro version.

The counterfeits seem to follow that pattern, according to the TikTok China video below from user DuanRui, although it is not clear yet who made them, whether they are being made available yet, and if so what they cost.

Apple said last month that its team of brand protection workers requested the removal of more than a million posts on social media networks and e-commerce sites offering counterfeits of its products in the last year.

Photo by Bhavya Shah on Unsplash

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