Authentix patents petroleum covert marker

Filling up at the pumpUS company Authentix has been awarded a US patent on covert dyes that can be used to authenticate petroleum products.

"The problems of counterfeit petroleum products are widespread and well documented," according to the patent. "Branded products, which possess favourable properties over competitors, are imitated for commercial gain."

The azadipyrromethene and dipyrromethene dyes described in the patent are said to provide increased chemical stability, higher fluorescence efficiency, and improved solubility compared to currently-used petroleum markers.

Dipyrromethenes and azadipyrromethenes as markers for petroleum products

Abstract: Marking a petroleum product includes adding a covert dye selected from the group consisting of azadipyrromethene dyes, dipyrromethene dyes, and any combination thereof to the petroleum product and distributing the dye in the petroleum product. A petroleum product selected for analysis may be spectroscopically analyzed for the presence of an azadipyrromethene dye, a dipyrromethene dye, or a combination thereof. A concentration of at least one azadipyrromethene or dipyrromethene dye present in the portion of the petroleum product may be determined to identify the petroleum product as counterfeit, adulterated, or authentic based on the determined concentration of the azadipyrromethene or dipyrromethene dye.

US Patent No: 9,222,043

Image courtesy of Shutterstock / sylv1rob1

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