Rolex calls watch customiser a counterfeiter

Rolex has filed a lawsuit accusing a Californian company that sells customised versions of its luxury watches of being a counterfeiter.

The suit against laCalifornienne – run by Courtney Ormond and Leszek Garwacki – says that their use of non-Rolex approved parts in the watches means they are transformed from a genuine timepiece into a counterfeit. It is viewed as a test case that could have dramatic consequences on other companies specialising in customising products.

laCalifornienne’s colourful creations – which include not only Rolex but also other brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet – sell for thousands of dollars and have developed a following among celebrity customers. Rolex reckons the customised watches “no longer attain the aesthetic of original pre-owned Rolex watches” and says they will not be covered by guarantees and warranties.

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