Nike partners with CBP to fight counterfeit imports

Nike has teamed up with US Customs and Borders Projection (CBP) to put an authentication technology through its paces in preventing counterfeit merchandise entering the US.

The partnership – part of CBP's Donation Acceptance Programme (DAP) – will test the proprietary technology at  a limited number of international mail and express consignment facilities in the first instance.

The DAP was set up in 2015 enables CBP to accept tools and technology that can help customs officers enforce intellectual property rights. In the first five years of operations it resulted in 42 partnerships, including brands like Cisco, OtterBox, Procter & Gamble and Samsonite, which resulted in more than $218m in investments in US ports of entry.

In January, Nike filed a wide-ranging legal action against hundreds of websites and social media accounts, complaining they are selling counterfeit versions of Nike and Converse footwear.

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