Florida court issues injunction against 60 golf retail sites

Golf ballA court in Florida, US has issued a preliminary injunction to shutdown 60 websites accused of selling counterfeit golf equipment.

The restraining order froze PayPal accounts linked to the online retailers, who sold golf clubs, balls and bags, and moved existing funds to a holding account for the duration of the legal process. Work by the US Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group led to the legal action.

Last year the working group pursued a similar anti-counterfeiting legal strategy, leading to the closure of more than 250 websites accused of selling fake golf gear. When a final judgment is made in the latest cases, the 60 sites will redirect to the working group’s anti-counterfeiting page,

The Working Group is also going after the source of the fake goods by working with law enforcement in China. This initiative has resulted in dozens of raids on Chinese manufacturing, warehouse, assembly and retail facilities.  

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