CBP seizes another fake Gucci shipment, this time belts

Customers officers in Kentucky have intercepted two packages that contained 648 counterfeit designer belts, worth more than $350,000 at retail prices.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents at the Express Consignment Operations mailing facility in Louisville seized the packages en route from a shipper in Hong Kong to a residence in New York. When the packages arrived, CBP officers noticed the shipment was coming from a known counterfeit shipper.

Opening the first package, they found six boxes containing a total of 432 Gucci belts. The second package contained 72 more Gucci belts and 144 Salvatore Ferragamo belts.

“Consumers need to ensure the items they purchase are legitimate products,” said Thomas Mahn, Port Director, Louisville. “When consumers purchase these items they are funding criminal activities.”

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