Amazon sued again over fake sales, this time by Maglula

Maglula, a company that makes magazine loaders for firearms, has taken Amazon to court claiming it is directly selling fakes on its platform.

The federal lawsuit, filed on December 12, is significant because it claims that Amazon is a direct seller of the counterfeits, rather than third-party vendors listing goods on its marketplace.

The complaint alleges that Amazon sold a counterfeit version of one of its products – clearly marked as such – that arrived at the buyer wrapped in an Amazon-branded plastic bag. The loader had been returned to a third-party liquidation-centre but listed for resale.

The lawsuit against Amazon comes after the Israeli company won its first US court order in October against a Chinese manufacturer – Hangzhou Goodtools Co Ltd – which it accuses of making clones of its UpLULA universal pistol magazine loader.

It has also filed another lawsuit in the US against a second Chinese manufacturer, Yuyao Jiadi Metal Products Co Ltd, with a third lawsuit also in the process of being drafted.

The Counterfeit Report – an industry and corporate backed website promoting worldwide consumer awareness of counterfeit products – says that commingling of the genuine and counterfeit loaders in the same Amazon inventory bin may result in consumers receiving counterfeit products. The fakes have also been seen on eBay, it says.

Maglula's lawsuit alleges they repeatedly warned, then purchased counterfeits of their trademarked and patented products from Amazon as a direct seller through Amazon's platforms, according to the website.

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