Verify Brand

Verify Brand Verify Brand LLC
3033 Campus Drive, suite W-230
Minneapolis, MN 55441
United States of America
Tel: +1 763-235-1400

Company Overview

Verify Brand has been a thought leader and innovator in brand protection solutions using secure Unique Identifiers (sUIDs) since 2001, when our parent company created the concept and implemented its first trial. The company was incorporated in October 2003 and launched in February 2004 with a subsidiary of a Fortune 50 company as our first customer. Today, brands and manufacturers in over 30 countries have deployed our solutions and use our services across more than 120 countries in over 18 languages.

Verify Brand and our sister company Verify Engage - a consumer engagement and loyalty enhancement company - are members of the Verify Corporation family of companies. Our industry-leading platform leverages an event sourcing architecture to capture each piece of data associated with business transactions and steps within a supply chain, enabling us to provide the richest analytics and a complete audit trail. Our knowledge and experience have attracted some of the largest brands within the defense sector and the information communication technology industry.

Verify Brand’s software provides our customers with a system for detecting and deterring supply chain security breaches, including insertion of counterfeit parts, through our sUIDs and access to associated supply chain data. The Verify Platform, our cloud-based software solution, is secure, cost-effective and flexible, making implementation and integration a straightforward process for our customers. Contact us to learn more about how our solutions fit your brand protection and supply chain security initiatives.

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