XStream Systems offers leasing option for authentication system

Picture of Xstream XT250XStream Systems has launched a new authentication services programme to help independent pharmaceutical distributors get access to its authentication system without having to purchase equipment.

The service-based business model means that distributors can get the company's XT250 system installed into their warehouse sites "without any capital expense," according to the company, which says that distributors are "the most vulnerable member of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

XStream Systems is offering a multi-year leasing agreement that it hopes will boost the take-up of XT250 units, which use energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (EDXRD) technology to authenticate and verify drug products as they move through the receiving, stocking, and fulfilment process.

Terms will be based on variable usage or a transaction fee depending on the customer’s elected use of the system.

Alan Clock, senior vice president for XStream Systems, said: "This approach allows the independent distributor ... the opportunity to preserve and protect the integrity of the products that flow through them onto the consumer."

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